The single vineyards


A place, a soil, a wine…

These original wines represent the pure expression of our family terroirs.

GIENNOIS Blanc – Terre de Marne – 2017
GIENNOIS Blanc – Terre de Caillotte – 2017
GIENNOIS Blanc – Terre de Silex – 2018
GIENNOIS Rouge- L’Inedit – 2015
SANCERRE Blanc – Les Chasseignes – 2016
SANCERRE Rouge – La Croix Renaud – 2016

“It is with our personality and our youth that we have conceived, shaped and perfected these wines.  We have harnessed our knowledge and our passion to create refined and complex wines.”

Clément & Florian Berthier


With our wine tourism activities, you can immerse yourself in the world of Berthier wines